Self Portrait of New Jersey Professional Photographer Samuel E. Gbate

About the Photographer

Hi! I'm Samuel. A talented Artist, Photographer & Filmmaker who has a strong connection with my subjects and a skillful technical ability. I posses a valuable skill to quickly establish rapport with my subjects and capture raw moments of beauty and truth. My work is characterized by a genuine and human approach, which allows my subjects to be at ease while we create powerful and Iconic images.

As an artist and tech expert, I express my passion through Photography & Film.

my favorite things to do are creating, building (so many things), meeting new people and being in nature!

As a Photographer, Filmmaker and FAA Part 107 Certified Drone pilot, I've worked on many projects, ranging from Commercial & Corporate projects to Lifestyle and Personal projects. I love helping people and businesses with branding and developing new ideas that help them grow to their full potential.

My photo & Film style is highly detailed with a high-end yet natural look and feel.

I'm available for projects big or small, in New Jersey, New York or in exotic locations with passports involved. Drop me a line or send me an email for an instant response. Turning good ideas into reality is my thing. Let's talk.  

You can schedule an online meeting to discuss your project  using the button below.

If you'd rather discuss via email or phone send me an email for a quick reply.